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DSI Furniture is a top-class furniture production factory, located in Lagos, Nigeria. We have the human resources, machinery and expertise to produce and deliver furniture works of all shapes and sizes.

Using only high quality wood and resources, our furniture are durable and can withstand different climate conditions, appreciably. From classic to creative designs, we produce furniture that are suitable for residential and commercial uses. Our clients trust us to produce custom-made furniture, and we always satisfy their high tastes and needs. We are always coming u with unique and beautiful furniture works, and

We will be glad to have you too as one of our satisfied clients.

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Trained and Motivated Workforce

Our trained and experienced workforce are some of our greatest assets, whom we equip with professional tools that are required during productions.

Efficient Machinery and Tools

Our modern equipment in our factory are some of the best around. Both in our factory and on clients' sites, we utilize our reliable tools and equipment which make our workforce work effectively and to precision.

Satisfied and Happy Clients​

We are proud of our customers whose requests and high tastes have pushed us to extremes, and as we continue to meet their expectations, they gladly continue to recommend us to new customers.

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